Bayliss, Thomas DEHF c. 1886 (1)

This 56 inch ordinary bicycle is another Duplex Excelsior Hollow Forks (DEHF) from Bayliss, Thomas Co. It is in the collection of Yesterday's, who have this one for sale (2013). These pictures are made by me and Markus Beer.  Rear hub of this ordinary is not original, but look at the typical Bayliss,  Thomas spring (introduced in 1883) and the wooden grips, covered with leather. The dropped handlebars give an indication that it was built in the second half of the 1880's. 
On the last pictures (made by Markus) you can see the construction of the Bayliss, Thomas double ball bearings, and the early ball pedals.

Look at the rear fork: it is semi-tubular with a distinct vertical folding line in the middle.